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Esoteric - Perfume

The unusual and the strange have a perfume of their own. - Fernando Pessoa

The bell has a pleasant chime. The bookstore has a pleasant light, dim, as though it exists in a dimensional space of its own. Wooden shelves of old wood sagging with strange books creak as they close in, womblike. Dozens of herbs mingle into a single, inscrutable note that speaks to some primal, drum-driven part of you.

A goblin's hoard of glittering trinkets, crystals, fragile glass things sparkle next to carved bowls, bones, the arcane offerings of the earth. You lust over tapestries you crave to take home but know intuitively are not for sale.

You start to call out for help, for service, for human contact to confirm that this space is real, attached to a parking lot, but there is no need.

You are already home.

Esoteric is a love letter to the liminal occult bookstores, head shops, and underground points of initiation that shaped our young lives. This fragrance captures the unforgettable sensory experience of walking into these spaces, forbidden bazaars full of exotic scents, books full of strange ideas, and some of the most interesting people you'd ever meet.

This fragrance is not about complexity. It is about the right notes in the perfect balance to create an elevated dry down experience.

Just like walking into the store, all notes arrive at once, creating an intoxicating perfume that draws you deeper. Through wear, the layers ebb and flow, as though moving away from one source, only to approach another. A curated patchouli blend is understated, providing the enveloping ambience in which an exclusive house Nag Champa blend (sandalwood and frangipani) provides the common thread of your arcane explorations. Cannabis and clove essential oils play off each other creating subtle, but exotic herbal threads that tease you along without revealing their sources.

Patchouli, Nag Champa, cannabis, clove

Each perfume arrives in a 15ml amber bottle with a dropper cap.

All perfumes contain premium-grade fragrance oil unless specified otherwise and a carrier blend of fractionated coconut oil and dipropylene glycol at a blend of 85% or greater fragrance oil.