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Tea Collection - Perfume

A lifelong lover of tea, I designed this special collection to embody the rich sensory experience of my favorite teas. From the aroma to the first sip, each cup is an experience.

These fragrances are designed to be wearable, but foremost to be faithful to their inspirations. As such, some of them are quite simple two or three note blends where the pains were taken to select the perfect ingredients and balance.

Please check the set descriptions below.

Each of these scents comes in a 4ml amber bottle with a glass dropper.

Earl Grey - An exquisite balance of sweet-earthy black tea and bergamot.

Rooibos Red - Sun-drenched red rooibos tea with cinnamon, clove, and a splash of French vanilla. Limited supply.

Moroccan Mint - Green tea with notes of fresh-ground spearmint and sweetened with French vanilla.

Chai - An elevated blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg that smells just like the real thing.

Set #1 - One 4ml bottle each of: Earl Grey, Rooibos Red, Moroccan Mint, Chai.

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