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 The scent library has been reset as of 7/1/22. Descriptions of retired scents can be found here.

New fragrances will be added on this page as they are released.

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Black Goat

Black Goat is an otherworldly blend of ancient oak forest, decadent black amber, earthy musk and a unique blend of foraged spices. It is irresistible on application and gives a complex dry-down that is well suited to all manner of indulgences and dark deeds.

A hedonistic marriage of earth and sweet and spice.

Primeval oak, foraged spice blend, smoky patchouli, musk

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Esoteric is a love letter to the liminal occult bookstores, head shops, and underground points of initiation that shaped our young lives. This fragrance captures the unforgettable sensory experience of walking into these spaces, forbidden bazaars full of exotic scents, books full of strange ideas, and some of the most interesting people you'd ever meet.

Patchouli, Nag Champa, cannabis, clove

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Smoky patchouli, vetiver and a gorgeous oak accord create a heady but understated foundation, in which beautifully fragrant trumpet lilies, the sweet nightsong of Datura, and the most decadent, blood-red rush of pomegranate combine into a singular note that is almost impossible to tease out into its components parts. A sensual allure that will leave them curious and craving.

Smoky patchouli, vetiver, trumpet lilies, Datura metel, three oaks and Persephonian pomegranate

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The beloved Fumery house dragonsblood is a lusty blend containing notes of amber, woods, rose, jasmine, and patchouli. Next is a snifter of aged Kentucky bourbon, a subtle but enticing note that hints at hedonistic decadence and adds a layer of interest. A luxurious vanilla accord selected for the dreamiest properties forms the heart of the fragrance, and a top note of pure papaya brings Lascivia into one fully integrated note of raw sensuality with a hint of exotic sweetness that entices noses and begs for lips.

House dragonsblood blend, vanilla accord, Kentucky bourbon, papaya

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Lothario is a swaggering, hair-pulling fragrance that is everything you want, but don't want to admit. The assertive traditionally masculine notes are at work here, musk and leather and spruce invoke an aching physicality, while pepper and vetiver tease at the edges, a smile at the corner of the mouth in anticipation of what's to come.

This fragrance joins the collection as an interpretation of a two-time Fumery favorite from previous limited editions, White Wolf.

Russian leather, spruce accord, black pepper, a heady blend of European musks, vetiver

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Venutian Musk

Venutian Musk is the reckless joy of new love written in fragrance. 

It is a sensuous and sweet floral musk with a foundation in expertly balanced traditional romantic notes to create and sustain desire through a storied dry-down.

Night-blooming jasmine, Egyptian red musk, white amber, pumpkin, lavender, sandalwood

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