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Black Mass

Black Mass begins with the foundation of a classic temple incense inspired by Catholic High Mass. Woody frankincense and heady myrrh evoke high stone arches, stained glass and the crushing indifference of a narcissistic God.

A lascivious ribbon of red wine coils through the veneration to seduce, pervert, invert and corrupt.

It is hallowed halls and writhing bodies, reverence and decadence.

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Odalisque is an exquisitely sensual blend evocative of the dreamy haze of a concubine's den. A warm, rich dragons blood is the heart of this scent, with tendrils of sweet heliotrope like subtle kisses of perfumed water, and entwined like silky limbs by a sybaritic red musk. This scent is ideally suited for achieving subspace.

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Is there any more sacred space than the workshop? Atelier is an incense designed to be conducive to creative work; clean, but not cloying. Stimulating, but not distracting. Whether your work temple is a studio bathed in sunlight, or a dark closet where you labor, hunched over a desk trying to finish that novel, Atelier invokes wide, clean floors, lofty ceilings and lofty ideas. Using pensive elderflower and bright plumeria, it clears an inviting creative space within. A great floral scent for people who don't like floral scents.

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Black Goat

Wouldst thou like the scent ov amber? Ov primeval oak? Wouldst thou like to smell deliciously?

Black Goat is an otherworldly blend of ancient oak forest, decadent black amber and a threatening note of musk. It is irresistible on-stick and gives a heady, dream-like room note that is well suited to all manner of indulgences and dark deeds.

A hedonistic marriage of earthy and sweet, burning Black Goat will leave them wondering, "What are you up to in there, and do you have room for one more?"

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Witch Wife

Pine trees that scrape the sky, rich sandalwood, teak, an old cottage, a trail of forget-me-nots to find your way home.

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Inspired by a Swedish recipe for incense to drive away evil spirits, but we all know humans are the true menace. Trollrökelse is a sweet, earthy stink guaranteed to drive flowery, entitled man-filth right out of your troll hole, with a goblin-approved blend of pungent neroli, damp-earth patchouli, and a savory mouthful of woody pinon.

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A brush on the lower back. A glance in passing. Such sweet hurts, a bitten lip. The agony of knowing this bliss will end. Enchanting Polynesian hibiscus caressing a white amber that will make your heart flutter.

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Dreamy lavender entwined with delicate Lily of the Valley, tangled in sheets of smoky Indonesian vanilla.

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Wet leaves, musky black feathers, slow vetiver, a stiff branch, the slow death-creep of Autumn, a fussy Underworld messenger.

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Conjure the Black Fairy with this sweet, dreamlike aroma of freshly louched absinthe; star anise, wormwood, herbs and warm sugar.

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Apple Cider with Kentucky Bourbon

Warm-your-bones, spiced apple cider with a splash of Kentucky bourbon. Every bit as good as it sounds.

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Existential Dread

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

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Cara Mia

Simple and elegant, dark as the night, but sophisticated and supple as black velvet dress. Cara Mia is a trip to a midnight rose garden, backed with the decadent brooding sweetness of black currant.

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