Fly to the light.

Like a moth to the flame.

Handcrafted incense and perfumes by Jinx Strange

Indulge thyself

Fire & Fumery

Strange Fire & Fumery is an artisan perfume and incense atelier located in Wisconsin. Since 2017 Jinx has been dedicated to handcrafting decadent and unusual fragrances for a discerning clientele.

What about it, though?

It's Long and it's strong

My incenses pack a punch and burn for up to an hour. I've spent years refining my production techniques and formulae. I only sell incense I like to burn, and I'm kind of a snob, so.

Strange Scents

I get bored with uninspired perfumery. The same old notes paired the same old ways. My goal is to use interesting notes and pairings that tell a story and are immensely wearable.

Beauty Without Bullshit

I love the art and science of perfumery, and would never cheapen that by lying to you about how the natural world works. I believe evidence-based aesthetics.