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Poison Path Collection

Poison Path Collection - Perfume
Poison Path Collection - Perfume

Poison Path Collection - Perfume

To walk the Poison Path is to tread lightly on the stones of knowledge and respect, brushing your fingertips against the dangerous and darkly divine that they may unfurl their secrets. It is a path of love, committment and intimacy. This collection is an herbalist's love letter; a practitioner's song.

[Flower essences are made from cold infusions using samples from my own poison garden and those collected from fellow travelers. They are diluted to the point that they are perfectly safe to use externally - none of my fragrances should be ingested! They impart no fragrance, color or chemically significant effect and are included in this collection for artistic purposes.]


Belladonna is a rich and darkly complex floral with a drydown that guides you gently through every conceptual and physical part of the plant.

Ylang ylang and rose make up a rich floral top note that is transformed by the bergamot and black currant heart notes into something beautifully tart, and sweetly sensuous.

The vanilla and vetiver are warming, smoothing bridge notes that keep the tarts from becoming too tart and the florals from becoming cloying, and the patchouli, while barely perceptible, grounds this scent, lending the faintest note of earthy herbaceousness most notable at the very end.

black currant, bergamot, ylang ylang, rose, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli, nightshade berry essence


In her head, Datura smells dark and lush and dreamlike. In her body, she has a green and nutty earth aroma more reminiscent to me of light wood than dark earth. Taken together, her fragrance is most alluring, but there is a subconscious nip, a note, an unspoken warning, that to go further is to court nightmares and death.

Datura doesn't have to do or be anything more than she is to please me. I composed this fragrance as an ecstatic poem on your Poison Path.

petitgrain, black pepper, tuberose, jasmine, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, Datura flower essence