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Perfume Samples

Have a test whiff and try a few wears with 1 ml of decanted Fumery fragrance oil in Catalog and Limited Edition scents.

Catalog Scents

Black GoatPrimeval oak, foraged spice blend, smoky patchouli, musk

EsotericPatchouli, Nag Champa, cannabis, clove

EuphoriaSmoky patchouli, vetiver, trumpet lilies, Datura metel, three oaks and Persephonian pomegranate

LasciviaHouse dragonsblood blend, vanilla accord, Kentucky bourbon, papaya

Lothario - Russian leather, spruce accord, black pepper, a heady blend of European musks, vetiver

Venutian Musk - Night-blooming jasmine, Egyptian red musk, white amber, pumpkin, lavender, sandalwood

Lilac & Gooseberries - Lilacs, gooseberries

Cara Mia - Black currants, premium rose absolute