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Venutian Musk - Perfume

From deep within my heart I always catch the scent of my Beloved. How can I help but follow that fragrance? - Rumi

Venutian Musk is the reckless joy of new love written in fragrance.

This scent was a challenge in execution to find the most authentic night-blooming jasmine note and play it with passion against a sultry Egyptian red musk, white amber, warm pumpkin, and subtle notes of lavender and sandalwood.

It is a sensuous and sweet floral musk with a foundation in expertly balanced traditional romantic notes to create and sustain desire through a storied dry-down.

Night-blooming jasmine, Egyptian red musk, white amber, pumpkin, lavender, sandalwood

Each perfume arrives in a 15ml amber bottle with a dropper cap.

All perfumes contain premium-grade fragrance oil unless specified otherwise and a carrier blend of fractionated coconut oil and dipropylene glycol at a blend of 85% or greater fragrance oil.