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House Blends: Smoky Patchouli & Dragonsblood Dram Set

When just the right note is required, perfumers will often experiment with accords to create a unique note that highlights the characteristics of the material that they want. Patchouli and dragonsblood are classic and two of my favorite notes to work with, so I've taken pains to craft my own Fumery house blends.

These two fragrances have never been featured alone; they are component notes I use in blends, but they are also notes that are distinct and wearable on their own. By request I am offering this limited edition two dram sample set.

Smoky Patchouli - A patchouli accord selected for smooth, earthy sweetness with a woodsmoke finish. I wanted a smooth, elevated patchouli note that transcends its cultural context and provides an understated support note for both earthy and woody blends.

Dragonsblood - One of my all-time favorite notes, I pamper my dragonsblood by blending the best complimentary ingredients I can find until I have a luxurious, dreamy red velvet note, and reintroduce the natural properties of dragonsblood by infusing it with D. cinnabari resin over a period of 12-18 months while aging in an oak cask. Is being so extra worth it? You'll have to tell me.

This order contains one dram (4 ml) each of Fumery house blend smoky patchouli and dragonsblood perfume oil. They come as a set and are not sold individually. 

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