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Rook - Stick Incense

Rook - Stick Incense

Rook is wet leaves, musky feathers, deep earth, and a broken branch.

In the Mabinogion, ravens are harbingers of death. When I was developing this fragrance, I imagined following an insistent rook deeper and deeper into dark forest after a hard rain. Notes of black patchouli and green, spicy neroli will draw you in like insistent calls, while a dreamy haze of slow vetiver weaves a hypnotic, liminal veil around your senses.

What does this underworld messenger have to show you?

20 sticks of original-blend stick incense. These sticks are 10.5" in length and fit most incense burners.

Strange Fire & Fumery stick incense are hand-dipped using premium-grade oils and a house-developed formula and techniques designed to promote longer burning and consistency from stick to stick and batch to batch.