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Tea Collection Series 2 New Fragrances

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Since launching in March 2023, the Tea Collection has quickly become one of the most popular fragrance sets in Fumery history. The idea was to keep a semipermanent collection of teas that evolved over time.

It is my pleasure to introduce four new scents that will be joining Earl Grey, Rooibos Red, Moroccan Mint, and Chai in the collection:


The greenest of green notes demands a fragrance that captures the essence of living vibrance. Matcha is a finely ground and specially grown green tea, and this fragrance is designed to capture the verdant purity of premium organic matcha. Drinking it is a singular experience, especially when ritually prepared, and I want to create a sense experience that transcends tea and blurs into color.

puehr black tea


Pu-ehr is a fermented black tea traditionally produced in Yunnan Province, China. While most tea becomes stale over time, pu-ehr is intentionally aged in precise conditions that allow it to develop deeper, complex and even medicinal properties. Aged pu-ehrs are prized for their wide variety of tasting notes varying based on source, age, and conditions and I have based this earthy blend on my favorite tasting notes: A rich black tea base, with notes of mushroom, soil, and wheat straw. These notes are as unconventional in perfumery as they are in teamaking, but once you've experience it, it all comes together into a sublime, grounding experience.

lapsang souchong tea

Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang souchong or Zhengshan xiaozhong is a smoked black tea that is traditionally dried over a pinewood fire. The result is an absolutely unique tea experience with a strong note of campfire. In my perfumery experience (and with this particular tea), smoke is a beautiful tool best used with a light, intentional touch. For this fragrance, I used a strong black tea base, and a subtle note of house Smoky Patchouli makes this perfume incredibly faithful, but pleasantly wearable with a hint of smoke that doesn't completely overwhelm. Tea and perfumery are both about delicate balance.

jasmine pearl green tea

 Jasmine Pearls

In both tea and perfumery, I am inclined to florals, and while there are many floral teas that have my heart, jasmine pearls perhaps stand astride the list as my favorite floral note. I absolutely adore jasmine pearl green tea, and this fragrance is a love letter to those carefully crafted jewels. Jasmine pearls are high quality green tea and jasmine flowers rolled into compact balls that then unfurl in your tea pot, releasing their flavor. The result is drinking a perfume note of real, pure jasmine. If your'e familiar with my perfumery, then you'll know that I'm very picky about jasmine, with a distaste for chemical or cloying notes. I always strive for real, botanical authenticity in execution and this is definitely no exception. Expect notes of premium jasmine, green tea, and a very subtle rose note.

If you haven't experienced the Tea Collection yet, and want to try them, they can be found here.

Tea Collection Series 2 is expected to be available in August 2023.

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