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Incense Odyssey Index

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It isn’t often I have an opportunity to sample rare resins to round out my personal scent library, and I was recently gifted such an opportunity by friend and customer Scott E.

When I have something good, my impulse is always to share and educate, and that is how the Incense Odyssey was conceived. I have a constellation of samples of rare resins, woods, and even musks, all cited by grade, source, and species. I love natural perfumery, but I love the living world even more, and in the interest of better perfume artistry and ecological responsibility, I am very invested in the development of higher quality, more authentic synthetic fragrances (which is often just isolating an aromachemical found naturally). Sadly, many species used in incense and perfumery are threatened due habitat loss, overharvesting, and climate change.

My perfumes and incense are and will remain cruelty-free and ecologically responsible. This project greatly expands my sensory baseline from which to choose authentic synthetics. It is also an opportunity to share with you the notes, data, and lore of these fascinating and storied materials.

I hope you enjoy this odyssey.

1. Sumatran Black Benzoin: A Holy Tree


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