Fly to the light.

The Jinx Strange Tea Collection - Limited Edition Set

I take a personal approach to every incense blend I make, but my collections are an opportunity to share a deeper passion for craft and sense experiences with you.

I have loved Earl Grey tea for most of my life. It is a comforting blend that I find makes me feel like things are going to be okay. This tea holds happy memories for me, and it took me over a year to find the perfect balance of black tea and bergamot to create the unmistakable scent of Earl Grey.

I discovered rooibos tea by accident. I'd simply grabbed the wrong box. When I got home, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was instantly in love. Hands down my favorite tea, rooibos is red, rich, and sweet. To me, it tastes like joy and sunshine. It's a unique flavor that I adore, and this incense is as experientially close to lifting a steaming cup to your lips as you can get. This is pure rooibos.

As you might imagine I am, myself, a consumer of incense, and my tastes have waxed and waned over the years from cheap gas station crap to very expensive imports that I burn rarely and savor well. While green tea is easily my third favorite tea, Nippon Kodo's Green Tea incense from their Morning Star line is my absolute favorite tea incense (apart from my own, of course), and one of my favorites of that entire line. I am including them in this collection to create a full experience for you and share with you some of my personal favorite incense. That is, after all, what these collections are about!

20 sticks of Earl Grey incense.

20 sticks of Rooibos incense.

20 sticks of Green Tea incense by Nippon Kodo*

*Please note that these sticks have no bamboo core, are smaller and much faster burning than Strange Fire & Fumery sticks.

A letter, from me to you, about the incenses in this collection, my experiences with the teas, how and when I use these scents.