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Mon Chere & Cara Mia Together Forever Preorder

Oh, to have a love like theirs.

This set is a limited time sale through 2/12. It will likely not begin shipping in time for Valentine's Day, though it will ship as soon as possible, and these orders will be filled before other Cara Mia and Mon Chere orders (which won't be available until 2/14). 

With this set, you will get:

  • 1 wax melt clamshell each of Cara Mia and Mon Chere.
  • 2 votive candles each.
  • 1ml perfume samples of each scent.

Total: 2 clamshells, 4 votives, 2 1ml perfume vials.


Note: If you order other items with this preorder, they will be held until your full order ships! If you want them sooner, please place a second order for your other items! I'm sorry the universe is this way.

Cara Mia: Simple and elegant, dark as the night, but sophisticated and supple as black velvet dress. Cara Mia is a trip to a midnight rose garden, backed with the decadent brooding sweetness of black currant.

Mon Chere: The man of the house. A pinstriped suit. A cigar in one hand, a tumbler of cognac in the other, poised on a Victorian spiral staircase. Cuban tobacco, old wood, a glass of cognac, a splash of aftershave.