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May Queen - Introductory Perfume Sale

Inspired by Ari Aster's Midsommar.

May Queen is a dizzying, drug-fueled dance around the Maypole. At first blush, you're taken in by the vivid florals and greens of a flower crown, but as the dance intensifies, other exotic notes emerge: laced mead, an iridescent blend of musks.

This fragrance is disorienting and euphoric, a wild green floral with natural psychedelic undertones and the heady aroma of youth.

Geranium, daisies, meadow greens, vetiver, mead, a unique blend of red and blue musks.

This sale is limited to 20 (the first 10 sold so quickly I added another 10!) 15ml bottles at the introductory price of $20 (normally $24). This is not a preorder, these bottles are ready to ship.