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Luciferian Dominion Camper Mug
Luciferian Dominion Camper Mug

Luciferian Dominion Camper Mug

Note: You can order these with perfume if you want, but please don't include incense in the same order. The mugs come in their own specific shipping boxes and don't fit in my regular shipping packages.

These gorgeous camper mugs by Deneen Pottery hold 14+ ounces, and feature a Luciferian Dominion symbol medallion. These mugs are made in St. Paul, Minnesota at a facility entirely powered by solar energy, making them a natural partner for the Dominion.

Our mugs are lovingly packed with freebies in 100% recyclable/compostable packaging.

Currently available colors are Black with Forest Green glaze, and Grey with White glaze.

100% of proceeds from these mugs go to The Luciferian Dominion. Photos by Wurmwood Photography.