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Thots & Pears - Limited Edition Fragrance

September 2018 Limited Edition

Sure, it's fun to smell like a stripper having sex with a burning church, but you have a million of those blends! Switch things up with something sweet and playful, but still a little sexy.

Thots & Pears is one of my favorite recent blends because of how the unusual pairings work together: The redwood makes a subtle grounding note, while where you might normally have a cloying floral, the aloe comes through as fragrant but perfectly balanced floral-green note. The Comice pear is sweet and just the right amount of tart, while the amber and vanilla bean accord make an alluring top note to draw them in.

This is a great blend for fun first dates, adventures, whirlwind romances, and also for fatting around with Netflix and pizza but fooling yourself into thinking you're making effort. Hey, I'm here to help, not to judge.

When you need a fun pick-me-up, send Thots & Pears.

*also available in Perfume Samplers!

Redwood, aloe, Comice pear, and a dusting of a house emulsion of amber and vanilla bean accord.