Fly to the light.

Return of TDSAV (apparently)!

This listing is for 15ml of perfume oil in a dropper bottle.

A couple of years ago, candle brands (and Gwyneth Paltrow) went insane with slapping PEE PEE POO POO BUTTHOLE branding on otherwise very boring fragrances. Of course the hamoids of Facebook kept sharing these things over and over and over and they went viral just because HEE HOO THIS CANDLE SMELL LIKE A BALLS!

I went bonkers and just made the dumbest thing I could think of in response. The fragrance was a really simple, fruity blend that had nothing to do with concept at all. I wanted the scent to be easy, with broad appeal and totally incongruous to the branding. I wanted the branding to be filthy and manic. And, well, it worked.

The incense sold out incredibly quickly. I apparently sent samples to Ajevie but never got around to actually making perfume people could buy.

Well, by request from my beloved Fumery, here is a very limited run of TDSAV. Part satire. Part trolling. Part nervous breakdown. All fruity.