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Perfume Dram Sampler

Unsatisfied with the emanations of your natural meatbag? Why, there's nothing in nature that can't be improved upon! Treat yourself to odoriferous pulchritude by way of my hand-blended perfumes based on my library of scents.

With 85% perfume oil, you can rest assured that you're slathering your skin suit in the highest-grade and concentration of oils.

This order is for 5 individual drams (3.5 ml each) of perfume oil.

Please note that this is intended to be a sampler. Multiples of the same scent may be substituted at my discretion depending on available supply.

Bear Oil and Merkin Oil are not strictly perfumes but can be sampled in drams as well!

Carrier oil by volume: 7.5% fractionated coconut oil, 7.5% dipropylene glycol.

Note: Scent composition may vary slightly from other mediums.