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Cara Mia

Originally designed for Glamour Ghoul Box's December 2017 box, Cara Mia is inspired by the original darkling queen of our black hearts. I wanted something simple and elegant, dark as the night, but sophisticated and supple as black velvet dress.

Cara Mia is a trip to a midnight rose garden, backed with the decadent brooding sweetness of black currant.

Available in:

Votives (3) - 1 oz votive candle tins

Wax Melts - 3.5 oz 6-pod clamshell

Roll-on Perfume - 1 10ml bottle with roll-on applicator

Perfume is 85% fragrance oils. Carrier oil by volume: 7.5% fractionated coconut oil, 7.5% dipropylene glycol.