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The Witcher Limited Edition Perfume

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The White Wolf: Spruce, tight black Russian leather, black pepper, a heady blend of European musks, vetiver.

Lilac and Gooseberries:
Two notes. Lilac, and gooseberries.

Each perfume comes in a 15ml amber boston round bottle with a glass wand cap.

I love The Witcher. I've played all the games, I've listened to all the audiobooks while working in the Fumery. When I heard about the Netflix series, I knew I had to do something to capture the iconic sorcerecess Yennefer von Vengerberg's signature scent. Mentioned throughout the franchise, Yennefer is always described as having an enchanting fragrance of "lilac and gooseberries".

I love this not only as a character trait, but that it's a very unpretentious yet unusual two-note blend. I don't know if Andrzej Sapkowski has ever smelled these two notes together, but I had not. So I ventured out to smell and taste real gooseberries and their flowers and spent months combining these two notes into a blend I felt Yennefer herself would accept as her signature blend. This could not be just any haphazard combination. This had to be a blend fit for a sorceress with exacting standards.

As for Geralt, that was much easier. I'd already created a blend that Henry Cavill instantly brought to mind, very incidentally called White Wolf, from my Scary Scents To Wear In The Dark collection. It evokes wintery woods, dark leather, and tight buns. It was, suffice it to say, the most popular of my Scary Scents, and I brought it back,  and reworked it to custom fit it to the character of Geralt. 

Illustrations by Kittie Peters

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