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Scary Scents to Wear in the Dark - Limited Edition Perfumes

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was one of my favorite books as a child, and I now have the joy of sharing it with my children. I've decided to celebrate this creepy classic with a collection of 9 fragrances based on my favorite stories. 

These perfumes are available in 15ml amber bottles with glass applicator rods.

All scents contain premium-grade fragrance oils and a carrier blend of fractionated coconut oil and dipropylene glycol blended to a concentration of 85% or greater fragrance oil.

Illustrations by Jen Christina.

 The White Satin Evening Gown

She danced the night away in a dead woman's dress.

A pawnbroker's smile, antique lace dusted with vanilla musk, heady perfume, sweat and youth and dancing under the dizzy lights, the dizzy lights, the dizzy lights. A touch of the grave. Tahitian vanilla, ripe red currant, a spritz of jasmine on the neck, Egyptian musk, a pinch of grave dirt.

 The White Wolf

The hunter broke an oath. The oath came back to break him.

The frost-touched Black Forest of Germany, the huntsman's leathers, vengeful musk and a ghostly white top note that will materialize from the dark and fade like a promise. Spruce, leather, black pepper, a blend of Mediterranean and Northern European musks, vetiver.

The Hearse Song

Don't you ever laugh as the hearse goes by, for you may be the next to die.

A glossy black hearse, a polished wooden casket, rich velvet curtains and a spray of funerary flowers. Who is inside? Is it you? Smoky patchouli, vetiver, fresh lilies and moonflower, oak and pomegranate.

Cemetery Soup

She gave it back, but not a minute before it was ready.

A mossy cabin overlooking a crumbling cemetery. A stoked hearth, fresh-picked herbs from the garden and a sassy old woman who's just really, really sick of everyone's shit. Oakmoss, earth, clary sage, cucumber, and just a whiff of Nana's perfume.

One Sunday Morning

She stumbled across a church service for the dead.

Darkest incense to carry the prayers of the dead to an indifferent God. Decrepit finery, the enduring polish of pews, cold light filtering through stained glass. Benzoin, myrrh, frankincense, antique lace, mahogany and blue musk.


The fishermen sheltered from the storm, but the sounds they heard...

A storm-wracked sea, a beach whipped with rain. Men huddled around a dying fire, terrified whispers, blood, so much blood. Screams frozen in time, a ghastly grin in the dark. Cassis, red musk, blue lillies, bergamot, smoldering wood, seaweed.

The Hook

Two people in the flower of youth drive to their favorite secluded makeout spot in the woods. There's a news bulletin. A killer is on the loose. Fondling ensues. He drops her off. You'll never guess what was hanging from the door handle.

Myrrh, redwood and Spanish ivy invoke a horror movie set of a foggy secluded grove. Juicy mandarin orange, sweet bosc pear, magnolia and ylang ylang tangle together as an image of furtive, virile teenage romance. Underneath it all is a barely perceptible tang of bloodied metal. Or is there?

The Girl Who Stood On A Grave

It was supposed to be a joke. In the end, she did it to herself.

Brave, brave girl. It was a picnic. A prank. The sweetly herbaceous waft of verbena and thyme left on graves and wilting quietly in the summer sun. Blooming blueberries, apricot lips, clutching a whole dried ginger root to protect you from evil. But it couldn't protect you from yourself.


I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met before.

Brown sugar pastries fresh-baked in Parisian storefronts. Dreamy lavender and black amber for a heady, surreal quality and the white mulberries of Paris. They may pretend not to remember you, but they'll never forget this lingering perfume.

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