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Stick Incense

Due to demand, individual scents are limited to 2 packs per order. I am increasing production over the next few months, at which time this limit will be removed.

For scent descriptions, please see the Scent Library.

Looking for Black Goat? It has its own (unlimited) listing!

Strange Fire & Fumery stick incense are hand-dipped using premium-grade oils and a house-developed formula and techniques designed to promote longer burning and consistency from stick to stick and batch to batch.

My incense is made to fill a room with aroma, without ever being cloying or overpowering.

This order is for 20 sticks of bagged incense.

These sticks are 10.5" in length and fit most incense burners.

Illustrations by Alex MoeHagen and Kittie Peters. Product images by Katrin Albert Photography.

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