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Weed Witch 4/20 Preorder

Expected Shipping: May 13th 2019

From the hazy depths of the Fumery comes a sidereal companion to Witch Wife. Born from earth, nourished with water, set aflame and carried on the wind to the lips of the gods, Weed Witch teases back layers of perception and entices reality to unfurl her petals.

The piney essence common to sativas and a dreamy wreath of forget-me-nots prepare a clean and perfect ambience for a carefully curated blend of three classic consciousness-expanding strains: White Widow, Skywalker OG and OG Kush.

Perfect for divination, meditation or creating a theater for psychodrama.

This preorder comes with:

1 20-stick pack of Weed Witch incense.

1 dram of Weed Witch Perfume

1 dram of LE Pineapple Express Perfume

1 dram of LE Northern Lights Perfume

Pineapple Express - Guanabana, pineapple and cannabis

Northern Lights - Pomegranate, black amber, packed snow and cannabis

10% of the profits from this preorder will be donated to Southeast Wisconsin NORML, who have been working hard to legalize marijuana here in Fumery country.

Notice: All of these products contain fragrance oil, fractionated coconut oil and dipropylene glycol. There is no actual marijuana, or marijuana-derived substances in these products. The research and curation was real, though. So, you know. Eat my butt. #LegalizeIt #ACAB.

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