Fly to the light.

VOID - A Dark Ritual Collection by Jinx Strange

Dark times call for dark works. Where do you send your pain when it's no longer useful? How do you confront your darkest self? How do you focus the concept of obliteration?

By invoking the Void.

This collection has been meticulously researched and crafted to facilitate a state of unknowing - a spiritual annihilation necessary to do the deepest shadow work. This collection may also be used for any work that requires a subsummation of Self, or simply to create a dreamlike aesthetic ambience that beckons you to lose yourself.

This collection contains:

  • 1 pack of 20 sticks of Obliteration incense
  • 1 dram of annointing oil, Ground of Being
  • 1 dram of annointing oil, Obliteration
  • 1 lump of ritual kyphi
  • 1 charcoal briquette
  • 2 (unscented) 4" black ritual candles
  • 1 Eye of the Void sigil altar cloth
  • 1 Eye of the Void art card including a unique ritual composed with Evyn Aytch of Satanhaus
  • 1 magnet
  • 1 sticker
  • Instructions

Eye of the Void sigil  designed for this collection by Holly Ensey.

Obliteration - Like Existential Dread, Obliteration is a unique mystery blend intended for you to project upon it rather than be informed by it. Similarly it is an earthy blend of unlikely notes with a light floral top note giving it an inexplicable quality.

Ground of Being - Inspired by the Dzogchen tradition in Tibetan Buddhism, this blend of red and white sandalwood, saffron and Himalayan herbs is intended to invoke the three properties of Ground: Emptiness, luminosity, and universal compassionate energy.

Kyphi - Ritual incense dough made from dried fruits, wine, honey, powdered woods, flowers and aromatic resins. It is burned over charcoal.