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The Witcher Limited Edition Perfume

The Witcher Limited Edition Perfume

The White Wolf: Spruce, tight black Russian leather, black pepper, a heady blend of European musks, vetiver.

Lilac and Gooseberries: Two notes. Lilac, and gooseberries.

Dandelion: Saddle leather, sandalwood, vanilla absolute, buttercups and spring florals.

Swallow: Warm wool, snowy forest, campfire, spruce tips, white musk accord.

Each perfume comes in a 15ml amber boston round bottle with a glass wand cap.

Lilac & Gooseberries

I love The Witcher. I've played all the games, I've listened to all the audiobooks while working in the Fumery. When I heard about the Netflix series, I knew I had to do something to capture the iconic sorceress Yennefer von Vengerberg's signature scent. Mentioned throughout the franchise, Yennefer is always described as having an enchanting fragrance of "lilac and gooseberries".

I love this not only as a character trait, but that it's a very unpretentious yet unusual two-note blend. I don't know if Andrzej Sapkowski has ever smelled these two notes together, but I had not. So I ventured out to smell and taste real gooseberries and their flowers and spent months combining these two notes into a blend I felt Yennefer herself would accept as her signature blend. This could not be just any haphazard combination. This had to be a blend fit for a sorceress with exacting standards.

White Wolf

As for Geralt, that was much easier. I'd already created a blend that Henry Cavill instantly brought to mind, very incidentally called White Wolf, from my Scary Scents To Wear In The Dark collection. It evokes wintery woods, dark leather, and tight buns. It was, suffice it to say, the most popular of my Scary Scents, and I brought it back, and reworked it to custom fit it to the character of Geralt.


Jaskier means 'buttercup' in Polish. Through an incredible convolution of translations and toxic masculinity, everyone's favorite bard might be known by a number of names, depending on how and where you met him: Jaskier, Marigold. To me, he will always be Dandelion. I will never forget the incredible narrator Peter Kenny pronouncing it "dan-DILLion" for like the first three audiobooks.

Dandelion is a perfumed dandy and womanizer who trades on his good looks, wit, and penchant for rhyme. I've followed his character through what feels like 30 books, several games and a Netflix Original. He is a fantastic character who remains perfectly consistent and learns absolutely nothing. He most famously travels with Geralt and chronicles his adventures, which means that he's filthy and stinking of horse as often as he's perfumed and plying his craft in taverns.

I wanted this fragrance to be traditionally masculine and floral, which happens to be my personal favorite scent profile for myself. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect decadent saddle leather, meditating on rich, antique sandalwood to stand in for Jaskier's well-worn lute, and a lovely ribbon of warm vanilla tethering it to a spring bouqet that evokes the rolling meadows of Toussaint, without being cloying.


This beautiful harbinger of renewal is found throughout the Witcher franchise. It is the name of a regenerative potion, the likes of which Witchers famously use, and it is also the symbol of Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, better known simply as Ciri, the deuteragonist and lead heroine of The Witcher franchise. Geralt is the character most commonly associated with The Witcher, owing to the fact that the early books and most of the games are experienced from his perspective, but especially in the books, you realize much later that the A-plot is, and has always been about Ciri.

She is mysterious and determined, beleaguered and hunted, and we follow her trajectory from near-helplessness to nearly godlike power. She receives the mythic sword Zirael (which translates to "swallow" in Elder Speech). She is given the name Star-Eye by a unicorn. She teleports and time travels and beats the shit out of everything. Ciri is great.

I wanted to honor her with the imagery I most associate with her: forested snowscapes that are just on the cusp of spring. This not only provides a beautiful and underrated scent profile, but it mirrors her character; cold and cautious from misuse, but thawing into a verdant age of wonder.

For me, Ciri has to be a warm wool cloak, ozonic fresh snow (if you ever tried my Ether candles through Poisoner's Guild, you'll be pleasantly surprised here), primeval forest which is a scent profile I love to work with, spruce tips, whiffs of campfire smoke and an undercurrent of absolutely radiant feminine power.

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