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Stick Incense Sampler: Palo Santo, Patchelio, Dirge

Three new scents are fresh from the Fumery! Get 6 sticks each of the following new blends:

Palo Santo - The champagne of woods, this exclusive palo santo blend won't be found anywhere else! Rich, airy and resinous, this incense is perfect for rituals and background ambiance alike.

Patchelio - I've tricked people who hate patchouli into loving my patchoulis, and I've tricked people who hate florals into loving my florals, and Patchelio is my greatest trick of all. Earthy and heady, this blend of patchouli and heliotrope is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Dirge - Somber and beautiful, Dirge is a blend of funerary herbs (bay laurel, periwinkle and wormwood) against the backdrop of a resinous oud.

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