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Stick Incense Sampler: Lavender, Hand of Glory, Vanilla & Vetiver

Three new scents are fresh from the Fumery, and I've made 50 sample sets for you to try! Get 6 sticks each of the following new blends:

Lavender - A beautiful, faithful burn, giving you the traditional lavender scent you want without the chemical aftertaste of most commercial incenses.

Vanilla & Vetiver - Sweet Tahitian vanilla that edges on gourmand, but is pulled back by the smooth grounding note of pure, slow vetiver. This is a very welcoming blend, great for those times when you want your house to smell like home.

Hand of Glory - Creamy ambergris*, heady blood red musk and a dusting of ceremonial santalum. Perfect for ritual headspace, indulging your darker desires, and further convincing your neighbors that you run a secret sex cult.

*A high quality synthetic, of course.