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Scary Scents to Wear in the Dark - Dram Set 3

Shipping Begins 11/27/18. 10ml and 15ml sizes will be available after the preorder.

*If ordering other items, please order them separately, else they will ship when this ships.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was one of my favorite books as a child, and I now have the joy of sharing it with my children. I've decided to celebrate this creepy classic with a collection of 9 fragrances based on my favorite stories. This is the third and final set. The other fragrances can be bought here.

This order includes: 3 1-dram perfume vials, a postcard, an exclusive Scary Scents art magnet by Jen Christina, a moth charm, a Fumery bookmark by catxbone.

You may order the full series of 9 drams.

 The Hook

Two people in the flower of youth drive to their favorite secluded makeout spot in the woods. There's a news bulletin. A killer is on the loose. Fondling ensues. He drops her off. You'll never guess what was hanging from the door handle.

Myrrh, redwood and Spanish ivy invoke a horror movie set of a foggy secluded grove. Juicy mandarin orange, sweet bosc pear, magnolia and ylang ylang tangle together as an image of furtive, virile teenage romance. Underneath it all is a barely perceptible tang of bloodied metal. Or is there?

The Girl Who Stood On A Grave

It was supposed to be a joke. In the end, she did it to herself.

Brave, brave girl. It was a picnic. A prank. The sweetly herbaceous waft of verbena and thyme left on graves and wilting quietly in the summer sun. Blooming blueberries, apricot lips, clutching a whole dried ginger root to protect you from evil. But it couldn't protect you from yourself.


I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met before.

Brown sugar pastries fresh-baked in Parisian storefronts. Dreamy lavender and black amber for a heady, surreal quality and the white mulberries of Paris. They may pretend not to remember you, but they'll never forget this lingering perfume.