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Scary Scents to Wear in the Dark - Dram Set 1

Shipping Begins 7/1/18. 10ml and 15ml sizes will be available after the preorder.

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was one of my favorite books as a child, and I now have the joy of sharing it with my children. I've decided to celebrate this creepy classic with a collection of 9 fragrances based on my favorite stories. They will be released in sets of 3, and this is the first.

This order includes: 3 1-dram perfume vials, a postcard, a Gammel-fied Fumery moth magnet, and a Scary Stories tribute bookmark by Jen Christina.

 The White Satin Evening Gown

She danced the night away in a dead woman's dress.

A pawnbroker's smile, antique lace dusted with vanilla musk, heady perfume, sweat and youth and dancing under the dizzy lights, the dizzy lights, the dizzy lights. A touch of the grave. Tahitian vanilla, ripe red currant, a spritz of jasmine on the neck, Egyptian musk, a pinch of grave dirt.

 The White Wolf

The hunter broke an oath. The oath came back to break him.

The frost-touched Black Forest of Germany, the huntsman's leathers, vengeful musk and a ghostly white top note that will materialize from the dark and fade like a promise. Spruce, leather, black pepper, a blend of Mediterranean and Northern European musks, vetiver.

The Hearse Song

Don't you ever laugh as the hearse goes by, for you may be the next to die.

A glossy black hearse, a polished wooden casket, rich velvet curtains and a spray of funerary flowers. Who is inside? Is it you? Smoky patchouli, vetiver, fresh lilies and moonflower, oak and pomegranate.