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Eros & Thanatos - Limited Edition Hexennacht Collab II

Eros & Thanatos - Limited Edition Hexennacht Collab II

We are destined to die, and destined to love. So it is with Eros and Thanatos, immortal soulmates, rivals and collaborators, Love and Death.

This is a limited edition set born of a friendship between two scentcrafters, rivals and collaborators, bound together in mutual admiration by a passion for their craft and expressed in an exquisite scent pairing designed to compliment one another, but each elevated enough to stand alone.

In our first collab, SF&F provided Eros incense and Hexennacht provided Thanatos soap and perfume. For this collab, the shops have traded scents.

This limited order of 40 sets contains the following:

  • 1 4oz Thanatos candle from Strange Fire & Fumery
  • 1 bar of Eros soap from Hexennacht
  • 1 dram of Eros perfume oil from Hexennacht
  • Stickers and extras from both shops, plus a die cut Eros and Thanatos logo sticker.

Eros - originally by Strange Fire & Fumery

When the first tendrils of this rhapsodic blend caress your face, you will find it a seductive, dreamlike South African red rooibos tea  gently entwined in silky ribbons of Madagascar vanilla still warm from the African sun. This sultry, temperate pairing is teased to the very edge of wild abandon by subdued notes of cinnamon and cardamom.

Rooibos tea, Madagascar vanilla, romantic spices.

Thanatos - originally by Hexennacht

How sweet it is, to dance with Death. Curiously cool, nectarous and earthy, Thanatos is a stroll through a graveyard idealized in a painting; neat blooming hedgerows, grave goods, the ancient, patient woods that hold custom with the dead. It is desiccated leaves on a stiff autumn breeze and the ephemera of a beloved's perfume. It is the cemetery scent you've always wanted but never got.

Desiccated leaves, hedgerow blossoms, charred pinyon, aged cedarwood boughs, petrified tree sap, crisp fall air, laurel, clove bud, smoke-tinged balsam, santalum, and graveyard dirt.

Illustration by Alex MoeHagen