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Deja Vu Incense

When I bag incense, sometimes I'm left with a few perfectly good sticks at the end that I can't use. I save these orphaned sticks from every batch, and after hundreds of batches over the course of a year, I've accumulated enough to release them.

These sticks are made from all of my fragrances. They're stored together, and what makes them special is that being stored that way, they lose some of their individual identity and take on an incredible collective scent. I've experimented with blending scents for years, and there is no other way I've found to produce this kind of organic intermarriage of so many fragrances.

This is an extremely rare, very limited edition blend. No two bags will be exactly alike, but all of them share their combined properties. You've smelled it all before, but you've never smelled them like this, and the only way I can make more is with lots of time, and even that batch's composition won't be the same as this one.

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