The official scent-brand of the apocalypse
Black Goat - Stick Incense (20)

Black Goat - Stick Incense (20)

Wouldst thou like the scent ov amber? Ov primeval oak? Wouldst thou like to smell deliciously?

Black Goat is an otherworldly blend of ancient oak forest, decadent black amber and a threatening note of musk. It is irresistible on-stick and gives a heady, dream-like room note that is well suited to all manner of indulgences and dark deeds.

A hedonistic marriage of earthy and sweet, burning Black Goat will leave them wondering, "What are you up to in there, and do you have room for one more?"

Stick incense may be ordered with or without a handmade linen sleeve bound with a moth charm.

Illustrations by Fox Bones. Product images by Katrin Albert Photography.

Mitchell Nolte, Four Monks Carrying A Black Goat Across The Snow To Nowhere (2012)