The official scent-brand of the apocalypse
Atelier - Stick Incense (20)

Atelier - Stick Incense (20)

Is there any more sacred space than the workshop? Atelier is an incense designed to be conducive to creative work; clean, but not cloying. Stimulating, but not distracting. Whether your work temple is a studio bathed in sunlight, or a dark closet where you labor, hunched over a desk trying to finish that novel, Atelier invokes wide, clean floors, lofty ceilings and lofty ideas. Using pensive elderflower and bright plumeria, it clears an inviting creative space within. A great floral scent for people who don't like floral scents.

Stick incense may be ordered with or without a handmade linen sleeve bound with a moth charm.

Illustrations by Fox Bones. Product images by Katrin Albert Photography.

Ary Johannes Lamme: Het kleine atelier bij het woonhuis van Ary Scheffer aan de Rue Chaptal. Parijs, 1850.