Current turnaround time is 8-10 days
Stick Incense Sampler

Stick Incense Sampler

No one should suffer the indignity of having to choose just one scent.

I created this sampler pack that you might expand your horizons before committing to vast bundles of the incense that will define you as a person.

It's simple; you pick any 3 of my current scents from the list. Just click the scent names for a dropdown menu. I will send you 6 sticks of each. If I have single-stick samples, I will also include two scents you didn't choose to maximize your sampling sampleness.

Samples packs will come packed in three plastic bags without a linen sleeve.

Illustrations by Fox Bones. Product images by Katrin Albert Photography.

Current available scents:

Black Mass

Black Goat




Witch Wife



Click the names of the incenses on the lists to choose from dropdown menus.