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The Strange Guide to Strange Guides

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When I'm passionate about something, I want to know as much about it as possible and to share it with anyone who will listen. Perfumery is no different, and I love it because creating a sensory experience for someone else, that will in turn become scent memories for them, inextricably tied to their emotions, is one of the most intimate forms of creative expression I can think of.

I knew I needed to move the Fumery beyond just the oils and labels and stories. I needed to get into the perfumery itself. To really immerse myself in these ingredients, educate curious people about them, elevate them, and push the boundaries of what they can do.

To that end, I am beginning a series of attractive booklets, which I will be publishing in PDF form and selling for a modest $3 in my shop. In these booklets, I will delve into everything there is to know about these ingredients; their properties and ecology, the history of their use in perfumery. I will wax romantic about them and my relationship to them. I will offer advice and ideas on how to use them in your personal collection, how to layer them, what to layer them with.

And to really help push my craft to new levels, I will do a study of each ingredient, producing a limited set of fragrances that use the highest quality specimens of the material, showcase its qualities, and take it in some interesting new directions.

The first of these ingredients will be an infamous and absolute classic, and one of my personal favorite fragrances to work with: patchouli.

I will talk more in a different post about the work I'm doing with it, but I already have 3, possibly 4 fragrances that I'm finalizing. I'm very excited to share these with you.

To answer your questions about retail, you will be able to purchase the guides individually for $3 and I think you'll find quite worth that if you're at all curious about perfumery, ingredients or ideas about certain notes. You'll be able to buy the Limited Edition fragrances individually for $28 each (the $2 increase over my base prices reflecting the more expensive materials than I normally use). You will be able to buy the full set at a discount. Any purchase of the LE's will come with the PDF guide for free.

I will publish updates here and in The Fumery group as things develop, but expect this first guide to land within the next 2-3 weeks.

To our new adventures in perfumery, friends!


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